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Family Engagement Partnership (FEP)

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Families are a child’s first and most important teacher!  SST9 recently partnered with a local school to engage with families of preschool children.  The focus was early literacy and all of the things children know about reading and writing before they actually begin to read and write.

An invitation was extended to families to be a part of the classroom breakfast routine with their child once a month for thirty minutes. During this time, families experienced many ways they can build their child’s brains as they interact every day.  Brain research on early literacy and practical ideas centered on oral language and vocabulary were shared during this time of modeling, connection and fun!

Jen Griffing
Jen Griffing, M.Ed.

Jen Picture 1


Associating new words to words we already know not only builds vocabulary, but leads to more powerful brain connections.

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Rhyming is one of the many phonological awareness skills that prepares children to be proficient readers.


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We are better together!  Community
partnerships make all of us stronger.


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Talking about and giving names to what we see is an important part of reading readiness.  We must see, hear and use words to be able to read, write and spell words!

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Opportunities to engage in both listening and speaking are critical components to early literacy development.


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Our school and community partnerships provide families with:

  • Resources
  • Literacy Programs
  • Parent Mentor Coffee Hours

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