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Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

Congratulations to the State Support Team Region 9
Ohio 2021 PBIS Recognition Schools

The Ohio PBIS Network & State Support Teams identify schools that exemplify best practices in the implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  A recognized school demonstrates best practices within its system, and also is open and transparent in the sharing of their knowledge and resources with other schools. 

PBIS Award level schools have easily identifiable characteristics and are consistent in their methods of: 1) maintaining organized team based planning, 2) maintaining high levels of administrative involvement and support, and 3) systematically collecting, reviewing and applying data using a problem-solving process.  These schools do a superior job of enhancing their school climate and culture in support of students and their academic achievement.


Minerva Elementary - Minerva Local Schools


Alliance Intermediate School - Alliance City Schools

Clarendon Intermediate School - Canton City Schools

Belden Leadership School - Canton City Schools

Massillon Intermediate School - Massillon City Schools


Patrick Elementary - Canton City Schools

Youtz Elementary - Canton City Schools

Massillon Public PreSchool - Massillon City Schools







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Ohio Department
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PBIS Information
Why Overview
Fact Sheet
Live Binder
Screening Guidance Document

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Framework for Building Partnerships Among Schools, Families and Communities

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PBIS for Families

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December 2016 - School Climate

PDF of School Climate Brief

January 2017 - Human Trafficking

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PBIS For Families Information Brief PDF

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Bullying of LGBT Students in School

Collaborations Between School and Home: Mental Health Diagnoses

Culturally Responsive School Mental Health Practices

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Project Aware
September 2017 Newsletter
Suicide Prevention

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Teen Suicide: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Information Brief

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Crisis Text Line Newsletter

Crisis Text Line Fact Sheet

Crisis Text Line School - One Page - 4Hope

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Project Aware Website

Project Aware State-wide Resources

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Substance Abuse
Information Brief

Nov. 2017 Newsletter
Substance Abuse

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Teen Stress Reduction Information Brief

Nov. 2017 Newsletter
Identifying and Managing Stresss in Teens

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Promoting Coping Strategies in Youth

February Newsletter





Other Helpful PBIS Resources for Families 

Below is a short list of other resources to help parents learn about PBIS:

Finally, samples and templates of behavior matrices and reward charts that can be helpful when implementing PBIS at home can be found at