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Secondary Transition - SST Role

The transition from high school to work, trade school, the military or college may be the most significant transitions in a lifetime.  For students with disabilities, this can be made less fearful and less intimidating with a good transition plan in their IEP.  The role of the secondary transition consultant is to improve, support and help the process of transition for students with disabilities.

Secondary Transition

Individuals with disabilities are underrepresented in the work force.  As a result, the federal government and the state of Ohio have placed greater emphasis on the transition of students with disabilities as they move from secondary school to post-secondary experiences.  In an effort to improve this process, State Support Team Region 9 employs a secondary transition consultant.

The secondary transition consultant's responsibilities include the following:

  • Assist school district personnel by providing training and technical assistance in the transition section of the IEP

  • Work with parents, families and school districts in secondary transition planning and implementation

  • Provide resources to stakeholders

  • Foster collaborative relationships among families, school districts and community partners to support positive postsecondary outcomes for all students

  • Work with school districts on State Performance Plan Indicators (1) graduation rate (2) drop out rate (13) secondary transition and (14) follow-up on graduates

Secondary Transition Planning

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A Transition Guide  from The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, U.S. Department of Education - Postsecondary Transition Guide May 2017